Former French President Sent to Prison Following Corruption Charges

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been found guilty of corruption by a Parisian court, landing him behind bars for one year.

The 66-year-old former French President will spend one year in prison with two years suspended.

Nicolas Sarkozy was president of France from 2007 to 2012, and was found guilty of attempting to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about a lawsuit he was entangled in.

Sarkozy wasn’t the only one jailed, with his lawyer Thierry Herzog and former magistrate Gilbert Azibert were also found guilty and received the same sentence.

This is the first time in history that a French President has been jailed.

Sarkozy and his co-defendants were found guilty of engaging in a “pact of corruption,” which was “particularly serious” due to his position in France, in addition to the fact that he had studied and practiced law throughout his career.

The trial spanned 10 days, highlighting telephone calls from 2014, including communications made between Sarkozy and Herzog on a secret phone. The wiretapped conversations showed Sarkozy and Herzog had promised Azibert a job in Monaco on the condition that he would leak information about France’s richest woman, L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, who was in a legal battle at the time.

Throughout the trial, Sarkozy denied all allegations against him, arguing that he shouldn’t have been wiretapped in the first place and that he was simply making “small talk.”

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