Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Achieves 95% Effectiveness

The Israeli government has reported that COVID-19 deaths have been reduced by 95% among citizens who have been given the Pfizer vaccine.

Israel has vaccinated more of its citizens against COVID-19 than any other country, with almost half of the country’s population having been vaccinated. By comparison, the U.S. has a roughly 11% vaccination rate according to the CDC.

Of course, Israel is a much smaller country than the United States, with a population of 9 million compared to the United States’ 328 million, which allows for Israel to vaccinate a larger share of its population much more quickly.

However, hospitalizations have nonetheless been decreasing, and the country is looking toward reopening in the coming days after its two-month-long lockdown, for those that have received their vaccinations.

Those who have been vaccinated will receive a vaccination certificate, which will then allow them to enter events, gyms and theatres, as well as giving vaccinated citizens the ability to travel overseas.

A cloud still looms over Israel given their previous refusal to vaccinate Palestinians within Israeli occupation, though Israeli government officials are considering vaccinating up to 100,000 Palestinian workers.

However, close to 2 million Palestinians live in Israel, and if they are not being provided with vaccines, the vaccination certificate program will lead to their exclusion from many facets of life in Israel.

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