No Bump in the Road for Karvan’s Latest Project

One month after teasing audiences with the series trailer, Bump is finally here and, on our screens, ready to be consumed by Australian audiences (well, Stan audiences anyway).

The original family drama, filmed in Sydney, follows the story of inner Sydney schoolgirl Oly (played by newcomer Nathalie Morris), whose life is thrown into disarray after she unexpectedly gives birth not knowing she was with child in the first place. It’s an interesting premise made all the more complicated when we realise the baby daddy is not her current boyfriend, but another boy in her grade, Santi (played by another newcomer Carlos Sanson).

Co-created by emerging creator Kelsey Munroe and much-loved Australian actress Claudia Karvan, Bump is funny at times, sweet at times, and above all an honest exploration of the complications that arise with unexpected motherhood and the sudden amalgamation of two families from vastly different cultural backgrounds.

Diverting from the standard one-hour format familiar to free-to-air television, Bump instead packs a punch with 10×30 minute episodes allowing the story to still develop organically without the viewer feeling cheated on. And Karvan seems to agree.

“It was a massive relief to stick to expedient storytelling, to not having much fat. You’ve got to respect your audience, and you have to understand that you have so much competition for attention – you can’t waste people’s time.”

Claudia Karvan, The Guardian

Bump is the perfect anecdote for those looking for an escape (let’s be honest, that’s everyone), and an honest depiction of unexpected motherhood and the surprising ‘bumps’ along the way.

Bump is streaming all ten episodes now on Stan. 

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