Violence Erupts In Protest Against France’s New Security Bill

Protests in Paris turned violent on Saturday in response to a proposed security law that would outlaw any publication of the identity of police officers with the “intent to do physical or psychological harm” to said officers.

Property was damaged, cars set ablaze, and police officers assaulted in the mayhem. Some of the protesters let off smoke bombs and firecrackers, and shouted slogans like “Everyone hates the police.”

The proposed new security bill has attracted some controversy, with officials at the UN stating that the bill is “incompatible with international law and human rights”.

French president Emmanuel Macron acknowledged: “when you have a skin colour that is not white, you are controlled much more (by police). You are identified as a problem factor. And that cannot be justified.”

Macron also insisted: “I cannot let it be said that we are reducing freedoms in France,” stating that France had been “caricatured” in the debate over the security legislation.

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