Japan’s “Twitter Killer” Claims That His Victims Wanted To Die

A Japanese man dubbed ‘Twitter Killer’ has been sentenced to death for the murder and dismemberment of 9 people in his Tokyo apartment.

Takahiro Shiraishi, aged 30, roamed the twitterverse under the handle “hangman”, through which he would communicate with mentally unstable women, inviting them over to his apartment if they were to express suicidal thoughts. 8 of the 9 people murdered were women lured via twitter. The one male victim was a brother of one of the victims, who went looking for his sister.

Shiraishi’s defence revolved around the fact that he supposedly promised to help his victims die. For this, defence lawyers argued that Shiraishi was only guilty of the lesser charge of homicide with consent.

Prosecutors claimed that this was false, pointing toward the fact that victims struggled and fought as they were being strangled. In addition to this, Shiraishi is alleged to have sexually assaulted all of his female victims.

Takahiro Shiraishi has been sentenced to death.

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