Global Citizens Purchase Australian Wine In Light of Chinese Tariffs

Australia Wine China

After China placed a 200% import tariff on Australian wine, MPs from across the globe produced a video urging people to support Australia’s wine industry.

In response to rising tensions between Australia and China, China has placed import tariffs above 200% on Australian wine and barley, prompting politicians worldwide to urge citizens to purchase Australian wine in a recent video.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), of which over 200 MPs from 19 country legislatures are members, began a campaign today which calls for global citizens to purchase Australian wine as a show of solidarity.

MPs from Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States, New Zealand and many more countries were featured in the video, with Miriam Lexmann, a Christian Democrat Member of the European Parliament saying:

“We are asking you all to join us in standing against Xi Jinping’s authoritarian bullying.”

Miriam Lexmann

Republican Senator Ted Yoho said in the video “two words – Napa Valley”, and then continued to say “but next month, drink something a little bit different, because our friends need our help”.

The IPAC video was accompanied with the hashtag #StandWithAustralia.

The increasing tensions between Australia and China were escalated most recently when China doctored an image that depicts an Australian soldier about to execute a child.

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