China Blames COVID-19 On Australian Beef

covid steaks

China has thrown more fuel onto the fire between themselves and Australia, by alleging Australian beef may have caused the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ongoing and escalating tensions between Australia and China have again climbed to new heights following a recently published article in China’s Global Times outlet that alleges that COVID-19 may have emerged from imported meat, potentially from Australia.

“Global Times reporters found from media reports that stores in the Huanan Seafood Market used to sell imported cold-chain seafood, such as king crab and arctic shellfish, as well as meat products from Brazil and Germany,” said the Global Times.

“The city also imported Australian steak, Chilean cherries and Ecuadorian seafood before 2019, according to the information from the website of the city’s commerce bureau.”

The allegations come after China released of a list of grievances with Australia, including the banning of Huawei, Australia’s calls to investigate the origins of the coronavirus, comments made regarding the South China Sea, and Australia’s vocal disavowal of China’s “gross human rights violations” in the Xinjiang region.

Australia was one of the first countries to call for an open and transparent investigation into Wuhan and its role in fostering the coronavirus, which greatly contributed to the erosion of Australia’s relationship with China.

In response, China has so far doctored an image of an Australian soldier about to execute a Chinese child, as well as placing a 200% tariff on Australian Wines, which may have a devastating impact on Australian wine producers given that Beijing purchases roughly 30% of all Australian wine.

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