Bomb Goes Off In Tennessee On Christmas Morning

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, awoke to a terrorizing Christmas morning when a bomb went off downtown. At around 5.30 a.m, the police responded to a 911 call for shots fired. When officers arrived at the scene they encountered a parked RV, broadcasting a recorded message, announcing that the vehicle was armed with a bomb and that it would go off in 15 minutes, warning people to evacuate. The countdown continued, and police were quick to remove people from the area before the RV exploded.

The FBI is taking lead on the investigation, but at this stage, authorities are still baffled by the event and do not have any answers as to whom may be behind the attack. However, there is a consensus between law enforcement that the person responsible did not want to harm others, given the warning message that was being played, which leads some to speculate that the intention might have been to cause destruction to nearby buildings.

According to local residents, the explosion was huge, taller than residential buildings in the area. Only 3 people suffered minor injuries. The police successfully evacuated 26 people who would have otherwise been seriously affected by the blast.

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