Australian Teenager with “extreme right wing ideology” Arrested For Suspicious Online Behaviour, Expected To Face Terrorism Charges

An 18 year old man was recently arrested in Albury, NSW, on account of suspicious online behaviour involving his support for extreme right wing material.

“A couple of days ago what we observed was an escalation in the tone which went to the support of a mass casualty event and potentially his involvement in that event,” AFP Assistant Commissioner Scott Lee said today.

“And then there was a post in the very early hours of this morning which actually expressed support for a previous mass casualty event, a shooting that had occurred internationally.”

Commissioner Lee confirmed that this was not in reference to the Christchurch shooting, although the young had allegedly shown support for the shooter’s ideology.

The suspect was using “mainstream” social media to access “extreme right-wing material” and “bomb machining materials”. He allegedly planned to target “almost anyone that didn’t look like him, but more specifically it’s non-whites, immigrants, people of the Jewish and Islamic faith”, NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton said.

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