Americans Outraged as Foreign Countries Receive Millions While They Receive $600

The House of Representatives and the Senate look poised to finally reach an agreement on a second COVID-19 relief package, nine months after the first package was released.

The proposed relief aims to revitalize the U.S. economy through the provision of $900 billion, with $600 to be provided in one-time direct payments to individuals. Payments will decrease as individuals’ incomes surpass $75,000, and for couples who collectively earn above $150,000.

In March, the first stimulus bill provided USD $1,200 payments to Americans, prompting many to be outraged at the recent paltry sum of just half of that, nine months into lockdowns and record-high unemployment.

Similarly, while federal unemployment insurance benefits will be extended for 10 weeks in the form of a $300 supplement payment each week, however this is just half of the $600 supplement that individuals received in the first half of the year.

What has outraged Americans the most following the news of the stimulus bill is the amount of aid that foreign countries are receiving in an upcoming Foreign Aid Bill, in contrast to the small amount provided to American citizens.

The foreign aid proposed would give Asia and Egypt upwards of USD $1 billion, with other countries like Sudan and Israel receiving over half a billion each.

The news has prompted many prominent commentators to express their outrage, including Actor and Activist Alyssa Milano who Tweeted: “Between 30 and 40 million families are at risk of eviction, but Congress can only afford $600 per person. I’m sure the $500 MILLION in arms and military aid to Israel and the $2 BILLION for Air Force missiles will help keep them warm when they are on the streets.”

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