Alien “Galactic Federation” Exists, According To Former Israeli Space Security Chief

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” says professor Haim Eshed, retired head of the Israeli space security program.

In an interview with Yediot Aharonot, Eshed claims that Israel and the US have been dealing with aliens for years, via what he terms as a “Galactic Federation”.

The 87 year old claims that the purpose of the Galactic Federation is to understand “the fabric of the universe”.

Eshed insists that Trump is aware of the existence of aliens, and that he was “on the verge” of disclosing this information to the public, however the Galactic Federation reportedly stopped him from doing so, saying they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt humanity needed to “evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are,” Yediot Aharonot reports. was unable to ascertain much information on professor Haim Eshed, including the nature and location of his role as a professor.

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