UK Floats Concept of ‘Freedom Pass’ For Those That Test Negative for COVID-19

Freedom Pass

As some English citizens are arrested for gathering at lockdown protests, members of Britain’s government are proposing to implement “freedom passes” that are given to individuals that have tested negative for COVID-19 twice in one week.

The freedom pass would be a digital certificate that is stored on phones, which citizens could then show to officials if they are seen outside without masks.

England’s former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has allegedly backed the idea, albeit with testing only required once a month for citizens to receive their certificate.

The pass is designed to incentivize people to receive adequate testing, allowing the Government to ‘set a date’ to return to ‘some kind of normality, perhaps as soon as Easter.’

The UK Government plans to invest £100 billion into an expansion of its national testing program, in order to carry out 10 million tests a day at the beginning of 2021.

Currently, England has a 10pm curfew, which is expected to be extended until at least 11pm in early December.

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