Two Peruvians Killed During Pro-Democracy Protests

Two Peruvians, Jack Brian Pintado Sánchez aged 22, and Jordan Inti Sotelo Camargo, aged 24 both died from gunshot wounds from police during pro-Democracy protests that have been ongoing in Peru for the past week.

The protests arose in response to the impeachment of now-former President Martín Vizcarra, who was ousted from his position by congress, which prompted outrage from many citizens who perceived the impeachment to be a form of political coup.

Vizcarra was impeached due to allegations of corruption, and that he had accepted 2.3 million Soles, which is just shy of $870,000 AUD.

The death of the two young men, in addition to the injuring of dozens of others while protesting resulted in the resignations of 12 ministers and the interim President earlier today.

Police have reportedly been firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters.

Speaking on his resignation, the interim President Manuel Merino said in a televised address that “I, like everyone, want what’s best for our country.”

It currently remains unclear what leadership will emerge in Peru following these recent events.

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