Taiwan Expresses Concern Over Biden Victory

As Biden’s victory over Trump becomes more certain, many in Taiwan have expressed a level of disconcertment regarding his stance on the situation between China and Taiwan. 

Writer for Taiwan News, David Spencer:

“Biden has been reluctant to echo many of Trump’s criticisms of China, and his time as vice president coincided with a period when U.S. reticence allowed China to become a global military and economic superpower virtually unchecked. On top of that, his son’s alleged business connections to China raise the prospect of a closer relationship with it than Biden would care to admit.”

The primary concern is that a Biden administration will no longer be willing to supply weapons to Taiwan on a rolling basis as Trump was so inclined.

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen took to social media to calm her following, posting on facebook: 

“whatever the outcome of the general election, these transactions will not change and we will continue to deepen Taiwan-US relations on these basis.”

Time will tell whether or not she is right.

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