Swedish Police Increase Vigilance In Response To Islamic Terror Attacks In France And Austria

Swedish police recently announced an increase in police vigilance in the form of a ‘National Special Event’, whereby action will be taken to allow “police to be able to act quickly in the event of a possible terrorist attack.”

This decision comes in the wake of recent Islam-inspired terror attacks in France and Austria:

Nice, France 

Three people stabbed to death in a church, on October 29, by extreme Islamist Brahim Aouissaoui. The perpetrator was shot and detained by police.

Venice, Austria

23 wounded and 4 killed earlier this week by extreme Islamist Kujtim Fejzula. Fejzula ran down the street of a popular nightlife district with an automatic rifle and proceeded to shoot people at random. The perpetrator was shot and killed by police. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the incident, claiming that it was perpetrated by a “soldier of the caliphate”.

“Sweden is part of Europe and the world and it is no wonder that we adapt our working methods to the events in France and Austria in order to be able to act quickly in the event of an attack. That the police continuously carry out various types of efforts to prevent and deter crime, for example that we who now coordinate our work in a special event, is a natural part of our work”

Stefan Hector of the Swedish police force’s national operative department.

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