South Australia Goes Back Into a COVID-19 Lockdown

After an outbreak of 22 COVID-19 cases, 2 of which occurred overnight following a breach of quarantine in a hotel, South Australia has entered a six-day lockdown with further restrictions afterward.

The lockdown will see the closures of schools, universities, pubs, cafes and food courts. Moreover, travel, funerals, weddings and large gatherings will be prohibited.

Speaking on the motivations behind the lockdown, the state’s chief health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said that “due to the high risk of onward transmission and the community, all of those suspected cases are going to be treated as infectious.”

“We want people, for the next six days, to go home, make sure they have got their supplies, and to really spend as much time in that one place as they possibly can, leaving just for essential food, essential medical requirements and the like.”

The State’s premier, Steven Marshall called the lockdown a “circuit breaker”, stating that otherwise South Australia “we will not stay ahead of this. There is no second chance to stop a second wave. We are at a critical point but we will get through this.”

The South Australian border is closed to Western Australia with screenings required throughout NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

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