Pennsylvania Halts Election Certification Amid Court Battle

Following a hearing from the Trump Campaign in Gettysburg discussing voter fraud, Pennsylvania will halt certifying the election results until another hearing is conducted on Friday.

Pennsylvania will not be able to certify the election results in favour of Joe Biden until a hearing is carried out on Friday in an appellate court. This follows a recent hearing held by Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York who is currently heading the Trump Campaign’s legislative efforts to highlight voter fraud.

The halt on Pennsylvania’s decision comes just a day after Pennsylvania certified its election results for Joe Biden, after Giuliani and other lawyers from the Trump Campaign held an address in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

During the hearing, Giuliani argued that “this is a question of not voters acting improperly,” said Rudy Giuliani during the proceeding. “This is a question of the inferior offices of the state acted improperly.”

President Trump also phoned into the Pennsylvania hearing, saying that he “really appreciate[s] being asked to speak,” saying that the election was “rigged,” and “has to be turned around.”

Although Trump’s campaign has produced no evidence of widespread voter fraud and has lost numerous legal challenges to reverse the election results in key swing states, the president nevertheless heaped praise on his personal attorney on Wednesday.

“I want to thank Rudy Giuliani for having the courage to do this. There were other lawyers who backed down because they were being screamed at,” Trump said, adding that the former New York mayor’s work on his behalf “is going to be your crowning achievement.”

In response to the hearings, the Pennsylvania judge said she would halt “any further action to perfect the certification.”

The certification of Pennsylvania’s results is expected to occur on Friday following the next hearing from the Trump Campaign to Pennsylvania legislators.

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