Militants Linked To The Islamic State (ISIS) “behead more than 50 people” In Mozambique

The village of Muatide, Mozambique is the latest to be ravaged by Islamist militants in the 3 year insurgency that has left 2,000 people dead, and around 430,000 homeless, in the Cabo Delgado province.

In a savage attack that lasted from Friday night to Sunday, over 50 people were decapitated. Villagers who tried to run were captured and mutilated.

Since 2017, the Islamic State has exploited poverty and high unemployment in the oil-rich area of Cabo Delgado in order to recruit young soldiers and establish control of the region.

The government of Mozambique has appealed for international assistance, stating that their troops need specialised training if they are to overcome the insurgency.

Meanwhile the death toll mounts, and the brutality of each attack seemingly worsens as the Islamic State pushes its agenda forward. 

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