Kayleigh McEnany Shows 240 Pages of Affidavits Claiming Voter Fraud

Kayleigh McEnany 240

Amid an ongoing legal dispute waged by the Trump Campaign which alleges that the 2020 Presidential election was plagued by misconduct, the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox New’s ‘Hannity‘ in order to provide evidence.

McEnany opened by saying “We keep hearing the drumbeat of ‘Where’s the evidence?’ Right here, Sean.”

The Press Secretary then went on to say:

“Two-hundred, thirty-four pages of sworn affidavits. These are real people, real allegations, signed with notaries, who are alleging the following, among other contentions.”

“They are alleging — this is one county, Wayne County, Michigan — they are saying that there was a batch of ballots where 60% had the same signature, they’re saying that 35 ballots had no voter record, but they were counted anyway, that 50 ballots were run multiple times through a tabulation machine, that one woman said her son was deceased but nevertheless somehow voted.”

“These are one of many, many allegations in one county, and a county no less where poll watchers were, in many cases, threatened with racial harassment, they were pushed out of the way, and Democrat challengers were handing out documents ‘how to distract GOP challengers.’

“These are real, and anyone who cares about transparency and the integrity of the system, should want this to pursue to the discovery stage.”

Earlier today, the President Donald Trump retweeted an article which stated that the Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick would be offering a $1 million reward for evidence of voter fraud.

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