DraftKings: “The Majority of U.S. Citizens Think Trump Will Win Tomorrow”

U.S. Election

According to a new election poll by DraftKings, which surveyed over 350,000 U.S. citizens, the majority of respondents in every single state excluding Colorado believe that Donald Trump will win the Presidential Election tomorrow.

That said, the polling data doesn’t necessarily mean anything with regard to who will actually win the election. It isn’t clear who DraftKings polled, and even if the polling were randomized, the perceptions of respondents doesn’t automatically align with their voting decisions.

For example, a Joe Biden supporter may believe that Trump will win, despite still voting for Biden. Moreover, previous analyses have found that the primary demographic that consumes fantasy sports (DraftKings is a fantasy sports website) is generally about 95% white men aged between 25-35.

As voting patterns have previously shown, white men also happen to be Trump’s primary voting constituency.

This means that if DraftKings’ survey was done solely through their own audiences, it would undoubtedly skew in favour of Trump.

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