Alex Jones Arrives at Maricopa County Protests

Alex Jones

Pro-Trump protesters, including the host and founder of InfoWars Alex Jones, have arrived at Maricopa Country in Phoenix, Arizona in order to protest alleged election misconduct in the State.

Arizona, worth 11 electoral votes, was previously determined to have been won by Joe Biden according to Fox News, and is now back in play for both Presidential Candidates.

Fox’s announcement that Biden had won the battleground state of Arizona drew criticism and backlash from the Trump Campaign, and now the media company is the target of the protestors in Maricopa, who are chanting “count the votes” and “Fox News sucks.”

Alex Jones has been a central figure amid the protests, leading chants such as “U.S.A.”, “1776”, and “Biden for prison” via a megaphone.

The protests also follow repeated claims that there is election misconduct afoot, a claim which has been repeated by Project Veritas and other prominent political figures on Twitter, with allegations of ballot tampering in favour of Joe Biden.

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