Thailand’s State Of Emergency And The New Powers Of The State

The state will be in charge of deciding what constitutes fake news.

The Thai government has imposed a new set of rules regarding protests across the country. The following activities are now prohibited from 15 October — 13 November, 2020 as reported by Thai Enquirer

1. The assembly or gathering of five persons and more

2. Actions that would incite conflict

3. Distribution of letters and publications, including electronic data, which may instigate fear among the people, or is intended to distort information which misleads understanding of the emergency situation to the extent that is affecting state security

4. The use of routes, vehicles, or public transports under prescribed conditions and period

5. The use of buildings, or enter into or stay in any place under prescribed conditions and period

The Thai government has also extended the power of the police during this time, allowing for the detainment of suspects for up to 30 days without charge, as well as legal confiscation of any technology, tools, or products used in violation of the prohibited activities listed above.

Lastly, news outlets can be temporarily shut down if they are found to be distributing fake news or politically incendiary content. The state will be in charge of deciding what constitutes fake news.

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