Polish Navy Explodes Country’s Biggest WWII Bomb Underwater

WWII Bomb Underwater Poland

On Tuesday, a 5.4 ton WWII bomb was set off remotely underwater in Poland by members of the Polish Navy, who had found the enormous bomb in September of last year.

The bomb is known as a tallboy, and was described by the Polish Ministry of Defense as the largest bomb recorded in the country.

The Navy began a project designed to defuse the bomb through the process of directing a series of smaller explosions into the shell of the bomb, which effectively punches holes into the outside of the bomb and allows for the explosives within it to be controlled and slowly released.

Nobody was harmed in the Navy’s explosion of the bomb, as over 750 residents were required to vacate the area if they live within 2.5KM of the bomb site.

It’s believed the tallboy was used on Nazi Battleships by the British airforce, however, it’s unclear why the bomb didn’t explode at the time.

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