How Would You Like To Be The CEO Of A Chinese Investment Entity In Collaboration With “one of the most powerful families in the United States”?

A summary of Tony Bobulinski bombshell press briefing.

“I have heard that Joe Biden never discussed personal business dealings with Hunter, that is false.” – Tony Bobulinski

Tony served as a lieutenant in the United States Navy, self proclaimed American patriot and successful businessman.

In late 2015, Tony was approched by James Gilliar (a Biden family associate), about joining him in a deal that he said would involve the state-owned enterprise CFC China Energy, and “one of the most powerful families in the United States”. Tony was then again informed by Hunter Biden himself and Rob Walker that the Biden’s wanted to form a new business entity with CFC. 

“If I went public this would bury all of us [the Bidens included].” a business associate told Tony.

The business that Hunter proposed was to invest in infrastructure, real estate and technology in the US and around the world. It started with investment capital equating to ten million US dollars, then quickly grew to billions of dollars of capital.

Tony agreed with Hunter to become CEO of the entity what would be named ‘Sino Hawk’. ‘Sino’ representing China and the hawk representing Hunter Biden’s late brother Beau’s favourite animal.

Tony claims in 2017 he was introduced to Joe Biden by Hunter Biden. At the meeting Between Tony and Joe Biden, Joe showed knowledge of the Biden family business dealings (Sino Hawk) in China “at least at a high level”.

“This story is corroborated with emails, WhatsApp chats, documents and other evidence. The American public can judge for themselves.” says Tony Bobulinski

In emails Tony received from Gilliar, there is information about allocation equity holdings of Sino Hawk where the email states ten percent is held by “H for the big guy”. Tony states “H” stands for Hunter, Tony also claims from his personal dealings with Hunter Biden, Hunter often referred to his father Joe as ”The big guy” or ”Chairman”.

“Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid to keep Joe Biden’s involvement a secret.”

Tony had disagreements about movement of money in the company that broke their agreed upon terms of the business. I told hunter “Sino Hawk” capital can’t be used as his family’s personal piggy bank.

Tony ended the bombshell presser by stating he is handing over all the evidence in his possession to the FBI and will not be taking questions at this time.