Greece Extends Border Wall To Curb Turkish Illegal Immigration

Border Wall

Amid ongoing conflict between Greece and Illegal immigrants from Turkey seeking to get into the European Union, the Greek government will be adding an additional 26km (16 miles) of wall to the current 6 miles of fence that exists.

Costing €63m (£57.5m), the new border additions will be comprised of square steel beams and concrete foundations, as well as adding a 5-metre fencing to currently unfenced areas. Additionally, a network of cameras will cover the entire wall, ensuring every area is surveilled.

Greece says it has finalized plans to build a wall along its northeast  border with Turkey - The Globe and Mail
An example of the proposed border wall extensions in Greece

On the implementation of cameras at the border, Ilias Akidis, head of the police officers’ association at the Greek border told the Associated Press that they would be a “vital resource for us.”

“We have been asking for them for five years and we think they will be very effective.”

The decision follows ongoing feuds between migrants and border officials after a growing surge of migrants began to use Greece as their entry point to the E.U.

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