Fatal Stabbing In Germany Connected To Islamic Extremism?

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

A 20 year old Syrian man is thought to be responsible for the October 4th stabbing of two middle aged men in Dresden, Germany. One of the two victims later died from his wounds, while the other survived with serious injury.

The suspect has a compelling criminal history, including “charges of soliciting support for a foreign terrorist organisation, obtaining instructions to commit a serious act of violence endangering the state, bodily injury and threats” according to The Local Germany.

Police found the suspect’s DNA on a knife abandoned near the scene of the crime. The DNA of the suspect was already in the police database at the time.

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht has said that federal prosecutors had taken over the investigation after determining the attack may have been an act of terrorism. “Islamic terrorism is an ongoing and large threat to our society that we need to act against strongly,” she said in a statement in response to the incident. “We need the utmost vigilance and decisive action from our police, security authorities and the judicial system.”

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