Californian Fires Cause Nearly 100,000 Residents to Evacuate

California Fires

Approximately 90,000 Californians have been asked to flee wildfires spreading throughout Southern California. Dry, flammable vegetation in conjunction with strong winds have carried the fires throughout the region, with meteorologists dubbing the conditions as some of the strongest winds documented.

The Weather Service has designated the Californian fires as a “Particularly Dangerous Situation” (PDS), due to the winds reaching beyond 60mph.

The most recent reports have shown that the fires have grown to approximately 15,200 acres, with only 5% of them being currently contained. Over 1,700 firefighters have been deployed to keep the situation at bay, with two firefighters being admitted to hospital for severe burns.

Currently, 5,500 residents have been without power for several days, though the strong winds are expected to slow down today.

However, Casey Oswant, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in San Diego has stated that people should not “completely relax,” as dryness is still a concern across the region.

“Definitely avoid burning if necessary, and if you see a fire, call the authorities,” Oswant said. “The threat is definitely still there, even though the winds are coming down.”

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