Two Police Officers Ambushed In Unprovoked Compton Shooting, Protesters Arrested At Hospital

Footage has been released of what police describe as an ‘ambush shooting’ of two police officers in Compton yesterday. A man wearing a black jumper and shorts is seen walking up to the patrol car, pulling his gun, and firing multiple shots into the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Officials say that the unprovoked shooting left both officers in critical condition as they recover at the local hospital from multiple gunshot wounds.

Protesters gathered at the hospital in which the officers were staying, and were reported to be chanting “We hope they die” while blocking entrance and exit of the hospital emergency room.

A dispersal order was subsequently issued for the unlawful protest blocking emergency room access. One man refused to comply, and a woman (later identified as a member of the press) refused to cooperate with police requests. Both were arrested.

The two officers are currently in critical condition, and the suspect is still at large.

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