Dogs To Detect Covid-19 Infected Passengers At Airport

Helsinki Airport in Finland is the latest to employ sniffer dogs trained to detect Covid-19 infected passengers. This comes weeks after Dubai International Airport proved the concept with seemingly great success. Major Salah Al Mazrooei from Dubai Police told The National:

“An area was dedicated to detect Covid-19 using K9 police dogs at Dubai International Airport. Samples are taken in collaboration with partners from Dubai Health Authority; results are out in less than one minute,”

Now the UK has started training dogs for the same role. Scientists are currently trialling the rate at which the dogs can accurately detect Covid-19, with Australia watching keenly for any sign of success.

Success Rate

At this stage, formal data on whether or not dogs can accurately detect Covid-19 is quite limited, but one pilot study from Germany produced promising results:

Eight dogs were trained for 1 week to detect the saliva and respiratory secretions of Covid-19 positive patients.

By scent, the dogs were able to correctly diagnose Covid-19 positive patients at a rate of 82.63%. Additionally, they were able to correctly diagnose Covid-19 negative patients at a rate of 96.35%. Finally, when presented 1012 randomised samples from infected and non-infected patients, the dogs achieved an average detection rate of 94%.

With such promising results, it seems like only a matter of time before Covid-sniffing dogs become the new greatest weapon in the global fight against the virus.

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