Avi Yemini Takes Victorian Police to Court

Avi Yemini Arrested

Last week, amid an anti-lockdown protest in Victoria, political commentator and Journalist for Rebel News, Avi Yemini, was arrested by Victorian Police during his coverage of the event.

Footage of the arrest shows a group of police officers putting Yemini on the ground, during which one officer can be heard saying:

“This bloke here is not here for any purposeful reason, I want him under arrest right now.”

The Victorian Police have since commented, stating that Yemini had been requested to move several times by the police Commander, as he was interfering with the ability for police to respond to the protest.

Yemini has disputed these claims, arguing that he was never asked to move, though the truth should emerge in the near future given that Yemini has sinced launched a lawsuit against the Victorian Police.

Yemini has stated on Rebel News that he seeks to raise $50,000 for the legal battle, of which he has already raised over $43,000, and received over 58,000 signatures in support of his lawsuit.

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