Alleged Voter Fraud In The USA: Ilhan Omar Staff Allegedly Implicated In Cash-For-Vote Ballot Harvesting Scheme

Damning footage

"Ilhan Omar" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Project Veritas, a non-profit enterprise aimed at exposing corruption in both public and private institutions, has claimed to uncover a cash-for-vote ballot harvesting scheme run by those in close connection with US representative Ilhan Omar.

The scheme involved exploitation of vulnerable members of the community, particularly those of Somali descent, including but not limited to the elderly. 

Ali Isse Gainey, a staffer in the office of Ilhan Omar, was supposedly coordinating the operation of collecting mass ballots from the elderly, and utilising cash for votes.

Below is the footage gathered by Project Veritas detailing the specifics of the operation:

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