Unity 2020: It’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds

Unity 2020 offers the opportunity for real progress toward a future that both left and right can agree upon.

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As the US 2020 election draws near, many have expressed disappointment in the two major party candidates on offer. With Trump often portrayed as a narcissistic liar, and Biden portrayed as a man asleep at the wheel, it is difficult to see either as the solution to the current state of social chaos.

As a result, a creative solution has emerged from the minds of those who wish to build a better future, and that solution now presents itself to the American public in Unity 2020.

Proposed by evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein, Unity 2020 is a novel political structure involving the draft of two candidates, of centre left and centre right political standing, who will supposedly govern together in unity. Here is the full description of the Unity 2020 model in Weinstein’s own words:

How Is This Arrangement Better?

A combined democrat-republican ruling structure has the potential to see those in power place less emphasis on staying in power, and more emphasis on meaningful policy change. Instead of committing resources towards discrediting the other side, a united political front could instead direct such resources towards issues of public importance. And the next term would not be spent undoing whatever initiative came before, but rather furthering goals that were decided together. In short, Unity 2020 ideally offers the opportunity for real progress toward a future that both left and right can agree upon.

Safety Net

A common fear is that in supporting Unity 2020, and not a primary candidate, one runs the risk of subsequently allowing the election of the opposing candidate. To avoid this situation, Unity 2020 has an inbuilt safety mechanism: If there is no chance of the Unity 2020 ticket winning, the plug will be pulled, and the standard election will proceed as normal.

With that in mind, it seems as though the Unity 2020 plan has a lot to offer at relatively low risk. At this point in time it is hard to see how the United States will ever return to what it was. Rampart social unrest has turned a once proud country into a divided mess. And it seems clear that the election of Trump or Biden will not help in this respect. Perhaps Unity 2020 is exactly what is needed to bring people together again, and get the United States back on track.

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